Your Yu-gi-oh Trading Card Guide

Mystical Mooon

  This spell card that’s type is equip and the description, “equip only to a beast-warrior type monster. It gains 300 attack and defense.”


Horn of the unicorn

This spell cards description is, the equipped monster gains 700 attack and defense. When this card is sent from the field to the graveyard return it to the top of the deck.     By: Emilio Rabines

Gaia the dragon champion

This dragon rider is a fusion of gaia the fierce knight and curse of dragon, with an attack power of 2600 and defense of 2100, at star level 7 and is a dragon/fusion card and is a wind type.  ... Continue Reading →


This spell cards description is tribute 1 face up “kuriboh”; special summon as many “kuriboh tokens” (fiend type/dark type/attack 300/defense 200) as possible in defense position. These tokens cannot be tribute for a tribute summon.   By: Emilio Rabines

Makiu, the magical mist

This magical spell cards ability is target 1 “summoned skull” or thunder type monster you control; destroy all monsters your opponent controls with defense less or equal to the attack of that monster. You cannot conduct your battle phase the... Continue Reading →

Black luster soldier

this soldier of destruction has the attack power of 3000 and 2500 defense, it’s at star level 8, he’s an earth type and a warrior card.   By: Emilio Rabines

black magic ritual

This spell card allows you to summon the magician of black chaos, the card says this card is used to ritual summon"magician of black Chaos". you must also tribute monsters from your hand or field whose total level is 8... Continue Reading →

Beaver warrior

This beast-warrior card inflicts 1200 and has a total defense of 1500, he is at star level 4 and is an earth type. By: Emilio Rabines

Mammoth graveyard

dinosaur card has the attack total of 1200 and a defense total of 800, he is at star level 3 and an earth type.   By: Emilio Rabines

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